Nefertiti In The Kitchen ~ New Album Out Now!


Image©2012, Hey Guys & Gals, I (cc) was lucky enough to become quick friends with Jen Rival (aka Nefertiti In The Kitchen), when I was traveling through Italy, a couple of years ago. Besides being a brilliant dancer, street performer and person, she’s an incredibly unique musician, too. One of the many songs that … Continue reading

Radial String Chimes (2012) by Alvaro Barbosa

Hi there! A few weeks ago, Alvaro Barbosa (, the head of cc’s graduate program asked her to do a voice over for a documentation of a new instrument that he has created. The above is the resulting video. Happy Wednesday from edcc xo!

New Sustainable Projects by rtmis & Monocomplex

Hello everyone! Please let me apologize for the lag in posting – as always, we’re working hard towards our next moves (full website coming soon!). Anyways, I received a few exciting emails this morning of a few very cool projects. First -as you guys know we love repeat pattern- an artist by the name of … Continue reading

We’re Inspired! The Boat Project by Lone Twin

Hey guys and girls! I just read this incredible post on the Designboom site about ‘The Boat Project’ through UK-based company, Lone Twin. As the EDCC Group is preparing to embark on our own sustainable projects (in particular, the handbag collection which currently is in the works), this type of project is of particular interest … Continue reading

Hermes Creativity and EDCC Group News!

{All images are owned and under copyright by Hermes, 2012 – minus the last little surprise} Bonjour Tout Le Monde! We are so sorry for the extended silence – as always, we have good reasoning for not writing (ie. a lot of new opportunities and work that keeps us away from posting!). With a lot … Continue reading

Spotlight On: Carine Roitfeld

Hello Everyone! We have decided to focus this post on one of our favorite ladies in fashion, Carine Roitfeld. Roitfeld is a woman that we’ve been following since her long tenure at Paris Vogue (which was a personal favorite – her focus on edgy photography and fashion was comparable to no one else!). Her career … Continue reading

Follow Up to our EDCC Austria/London Travels!

All Photos (besides vintage Marilyn Portrait comparison) ©Hannes Russegger, 2012

Hi Guys and Gals, About a month ago, I had made a post about the Cannes Film Festival with many vintage portraits included. One photo in particular caught the eye of my close friend and budding photographer, who wrote to me saying, ‘Caroline, you look so much like this woman!’ And my reply was, ‘Um, … Continue reading

THE FACE: The Series That Launched the Career of Kate Moss

Hi guys and girls! While preparing for another project, I came across these images of Kate Moss (the photo series from the UK Magazine, THE FACE, that made her big in the early 1990s). Calvin Klein took notice of the 15-year old because of the natural quality of the photos. If you are old enough … Continue reading

EDCC: Eager to Share Up-and-Coming Travel Plans

Hello hello Guys and Girls! We are really excited to announce that our future trend forecast / product development travel will be sending us to: April 7-11 Salzburg/Austria April 21-24 Paris/France May 12-16 Barcelona/Spain June 18-22 Florence/Italy & Rome/Italy July 24 – September 11 (or so) New York City/United States If any of you have … Continue reading

New Inspiration: Caterina Gatta

Caterina Gatta is an up and coming designer from Italy with a great idea – to use the vintage prints and fabrics of top labels, such as YSL, Gianni Versace, Fausto Sarli, Pierre Cardin, Lancetti, Irene Galitzine, Givenchy, Valentino, André Laug, Ungaro, Scherrer, Clara Centinaro and many others (as quoted from her website, ‘.. … Continue reading

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