EDCC: Eager to Share Up-and-Coming Travel Plans

Hello hello Guys and Girls! We are really excited to announce that our future trend forecast / product development travel will be sending us to: April 7-11 Salzburg/Austria April 21-24 Paris/France May 12-16 Barcelona/Spain June 18-22 Florence/Italy & Rome/Italy July 24 – September 11 (or so) New York City/United States If any of you have … Continue reading

Paris Vs. New York, the book!

THINGS WE LOVE: ‘Paris Vs. New York,’ was released last week by Paris-based graphic designer, Vahram Muratyan. Beautifully and simply illustrated, the book compares and contrasts both cities through colorful, fun phrases and illustrations (see samples above, from the artists website). I am totally in love with this book (perhaps, I am biased as Paris … Continue reading

Secretly Refurbishing the Neglected Treasures of Paris

A group of artists and restoration experts who have over many years, secretly discovered the passages and tunnels of Paris – lovingly restore the city’s forgotten history during the night. They are a group called ‘UX’, short for ‘Urban eXperiment.’ They don’t ask for money, they don’t damage anything and they are adverse in gaining … Continue reading

Let Hermes {properly} Teach You how to Tie a Scarf

http://www.parismonami.com/fr/catalog/les-cartes-a-nouer/ Today I have discovered on http://www.parismonami.com (a site by Hermes), these wonderful little card illustrations that instruct how to tie a scarf {properly!}. They are so fun and show how easy it is to construct your scarf into beautiful knots around the neck, wrist, head wraps, shirts and even turn it into a great … Continue reading

Vintage Spotlight: Alexey Brodovitch, Harpers Bazaar, Creative Director

 I just love the use of the human form compared to the design of the text in the magazine – beautiful images. Alexey Brodovitch was truly ahead of his time. Brodovitch is most widely recognized for his contribution to Harpers Bazaar magazine in Paris between the 1930s and 1950s.

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