{Preview} Collective Details: Portuguese Tile Patterns

Hello, Hallo, Ola & Bonjour Tout Le Monde!

I have been hard at work this week on the second book to be published this year (hopefully within this next month!).

I have been struck by the beauty of the vintage, mostly hand-painted tiles that are on many buildings here in Portugal. This gave me an idea to take photos of the different repeats found all over the place, artwork that seems to go unnoticed. So far, I have collected over 100 patterns and am currently placing them into repeat and vector-izing in the computer.

The geometry is sometimes breathtaking, when one sees how incredible the patterns that are produced from what are seemingly simple repeat units (see ‘design lesson’ section if the vocabulary is hard to follow!).

So here is just a preview of some of the photographs that I have taken over the past 7 months. I hope you enjoy and we will post when the project is completed in the next few weeks!

Bisous, baci, bussi, beijinhos & Pupici!
edcc xo

2 Responses to “{Preview} Collective Details: Portuguese Tile Patterns”
  1. hrussegger says:

    I take one, hardcover + signed :)… Those patterns are looking so amazing, love them!

    excited for the complete book.

    enjoy your day,


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