New Sustainable Projects by rtmis & Monocomplex

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Hello everyone!

Please let me apologize for the lag in posting – as always, we’re working hard towards our next moves (full website coming soon!).

Anyways, I received a few exciting emails this morning of a few very cool projects. First -as you guys know we love repeat pattern- an artist by the name of rtmis who has created a new technique with wool. The artist/designer has found ways to fold wool into geometric patterns which can be used on both fashion and home products. When interested, the full story can be found here:

Additionally, there is another interesting project shown by the Korean based monocomplex design studio – where 127 recycled pieces of cardboard were used in order to create an chair (then carved with both straight and curved lines). Full story can be seen, here:

Beautiful! Wish you a wonderful Monday!

edcc group xo

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