Spotlight On: Carine Roitfeld

Hello Everyone! We have decided to focus this post on one of our favorite ladies in fashion, Carine Roitfeld. Roitfeld is a woman that we’ve been following since her long tenure at Paris Vogue (which was a personal favorite – her focus on edgy photography and fashion was comparable to no one else!). Her career … Continue reading

New Inspiration: Caterina Gatta

Caterina Gatta is an up and coming designer from Italy with a great idea – to use the vintage prints and fabrics of top labels, such as YSL, Gianni Versace, Fausto Sarli, Pierre Cardin, Lancetti, Irene Galitzine, Givenchy, Valentino, AndrĂ© Laug, Ungaro, Scherrer, Clara Centinaro and many others (as quoted from her website, ‘.. … Continue reading

Menswear Trend 2012 ~ Return of the Gentleman

While doing research for a -potentially- new and very cool project, I realized that we have been neglecting all of the fashion curious men in our life! Here are our top picks for 2012 – welcome the year of the Gentleman. {Our favorite} top 3 menswear labels at the moment are: 1. Ami, The … Continue reading

Things We Love: Latest Vintage Trends in Film

It has been very exciting to witness a major trend in the last year; throwback films to the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. Maybe I am just charmed because on Sunday, I had the enormous pleasure of viewing The Artist, the silent black and white film that has been taking over all of the cinema award … Continue reading

Let Hermes {properly} Teach You how to Tie a Scarf Today I have discovered on (a site by Hermes), these wonderful little card illustrations that instruct how to tie a scarf {properly!}. They are so fun and show how easy it is to construct your scarf into beautiful knots around the neck, wrist, head wraps, shirts and even turn it into a great … Continue reading

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