Hermes Creativity and EDCC Group News!

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{All images are owned and under copyright by Hermes, 2012 – minus the last little surprise}

Bonjour Tout Le Monde!

We are so sorry for the extended silence – as always, we have good reasoning for not writing (ie. a lot of new opportunities and work that keeps us away from posting!). With a lot of silence, we have a lot of news!

First, I cc, have made a very big decision. Once my coursework (Master in Management) is finished in July, I will be returning to NYC after five incredible years of living in Europe. We have a lot of exciting opportunities on this side of the pond, however – so we will hopefully continue to return for a long time!

Second, we have prints that were represented by Sisters Gulassa now sold to Claudia Venon, Old navy and possibly Northface! Pretty nice and unexpected news!

Third, my friends and I rescued two amazingly cute and very intelligent little kittens. One little boy, one little girl who I named Mia. They are incredible – we are still unsure if any of us can keep the little peanuts (which makes me super emotional!). Either way, they will be healthy, happy, trained and ready to brighten up the next persons world in which they grace 🙂 Although I don’t think that any of us can bear to let them go!

And now, onto these Hermes (images from a link that I received per email today where you can build your own Hermes clutch or the other image that on the website, has racing horse totes!). I love how they can always push creativity yet remain so established and classy. Bravo! In further EDCC news, we are also developing a new accessories line! We will keep you posted!

Bisous a EDCC Group xoxo


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