New Inspiration: Caterina Gatta

Caterina Gatta is an up and coming designer from Italy with a great idea – to use the vintage prints and fabrics of top labels, such as YSL, Gianni Versace, Fausto Sarli, Pierre Cardin, Lancetti, Irene Galitzine, Givenchy, Valentino, André Laug, Ungaro, Scherrer, Clara Centinaro and many others (as quoted from her website,

‘.. comes from the passion for fashion that draws on past to project into the future: not any traditionalist taste, just the need to rediscover, through colors, patterns and prints, a typical Italian creativity that seems to have run out right in between new generations of designers.

The quest for textiles inspired her and played a fundamental role in her job. The fabrics are for her a source of inspiration.’

We LOVE this idea and the styles that she is creating with fabrics that were intended for other pieces. It is not so far from the hand bag collection that we are currently developing! We will have more details (and samples) in the next few months!

*Images shown photographed by Caterina Gatta, from also, a great interview with the designer,

2 Responses to “New Inspiration: Caterina Gatta”
    • cc says:

      Thank you for commenting! Yes, we were pretty impressed with Ms. Gatta, too. This concept is very close to a product that we have been developing over the last few months! Will keep you posted! Best Regards, EDCC xo

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