THE FACE: The Series That Launched the Career of Kate Moss

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Hi guys and girls! While preparing for another project, I came across these images of Kate Moss (the photo series from the UK Magazine, THE FACE, that made her big in the early 1990s). Calvin Klein took notice of the 15-year old because of the natural quality of the photos.

If you are old enough to remember, at this point of time, models were super tall and super busty which is very different from the petite frame of Kate Moss. This is why it was so shocking -at the time- both to the public as well as the fashion world.

I read an interview with Calvin Klein who commented that, despite all of the public outcry of how thin Moss was, he wanted to present a female model that the public could actually identify with. Society still considers the time as ‘Heroine Chic’ but actually, models today are much more alarmingly skinny then ever before. This has pushed forward so many movements from America to promote the health of models, most notably and recent, by Diane Von Furstenburg.

In my own personal experience, as a child of the ’90s, I identified with Moss. I also have a small frame for my 5 feet and 6 inches (actually, after just checking it seems that I have the same measurements as the model). Although she has had so much public scrutiny for her size, lifestyle, etc, etc… the least that people can do is respect the fact that she has produced some of the most iconic photographs to date, designed clothing and accessories for top labels and managed to come out on top after being plucked out of obscurity at the tender age of 15.

EDCC has nothing but respect!

3 Responses to “THE FACE: The Series That Launched the Career of Kate Moss”
  1. Omar Chaudhry says:

    The eyes of the public cut into your private self without any sense of remorse or mercy.
    Fame is both beautiful and horrific.

    • cc says:

      Your writing is beautiful, Omar! I couldn’t think of a better way to have put it. Honestly, the concept of celebrity and fame is such a double edged sword – if a person is doing their job, especially something they were practically tapped into and not purposely seeking, how can one condemn that person?

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