Celebrating Spring with this Beautiful Ad from 1949

Oh hello! It’s becoming so beautiful outside! Loving the sunshine and plants coming back to life after the winter. It reminded me of this beautiful advertisement from a 1949 issue of LIFE magazine that I purchased while in the United States a few months ago. It appears to be early fall in the photo but the colors and position of the model are so nice that I had to share.

Kind Regards and Happy Tuesday! _EDCC xo

3 Responses to “Celebrating Spring with this Beautiful Ad from 1949”
  1. Omar Chaudhry says:

    The expression on the face of the model is priceless. I questioned myself “when did I stop seeing the world with an expectation of imminent joy?”
    Sadly, I stopped a long time ago. But now, I want to have that expression again. Not the dress, but definitely her expression.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • cc says:

      Thank you, Omar! I find it interesting that you paid most attention to her expression, as well – between the majority of the image being in green and the look of the model which possesses so much hope – it really seemed like the perfect spring image. The transition of seasons are always a good time to take that step back and re-evaluate. I’m confident you will get that feeling back!

      • Omar Chaudhry says:

        I know that I am searching in the right direction. That feeling is within my horizon. I am good will hunting.

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