Vintage Spotlight: Slim Gaillard (1916-1991)

We at EDCC love vintage – especially when it involves music, mysterious pasts and multiple languages!

I would like to feature one of my favorite jazz personalities, Mr. Bulee ‘Slim’ Gaillard (1916-1991). He was an American jazz singer, songwriter, pianist, and guitarist, who made himself known by singing in his own language, ‘Vout’ (I guess he became bored with the other 8 languages that he spoke).

After mysterious and untraceable beginnings, Gaillard made his home in Detroit, MI (like me, minus the untraceable beginning part – although I have since lived in many countries). This is where he began to rise to prominence with almost a genius ability to improvise, in the 1930s. Later, the artist moved to New York City and appeared in numerous films and television shows.

The career of Gaillard spanned over five decades with many brilliant, up-beat and clever songs to add to his impressive resumé (Communication being my favorite and the lyrics SO pertinent to our lives today, no?). Happy Tuesday, enjoy! ccxo


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