Travel Highlight: Interviewing the owner of Galerie Welz in Salzburg/Austria

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Hello everyone! I’m sorry I had a week of non-posts but I can promise you, it was anything but quiet on my end.

I was lucky enough to travel between five countries in five days and met so many incredible people in the process. One stand out in particular was the owner of Galerie Welz, my go-to gallery in Salzburg/Austria (as apart of an article that I was asked to write from an American art magazine).

Shown are photographs of the gallery and the extremely kind Herr Lendl who took his time to answer questions, show me original Kokoschka drawings and share both an espresso and lovely conversation. Yes, they have a little cafe AND rare art book collection within!

If any of you have interest in visiting Gallerie Welz, it is located here:
Galerie Welz, Sigmund-Haffner-Gasse 16, A-5020 Salzburg
Opening hours: Mo.-Fr. 9,30 – 18:00, Sa. 9,30 – 13:00 Tel. +43/(0)662/841771; Fax 841771/20

2 Responses to “Travel Highlight: Interviewing the owner of Galerie Welz in Salzburg/Austria”
  1. hrussegger says:

    just nice to be a local and to read such nice articles + see this pics 🙂

  2. cc says:

    Danke schön! It was really a pleasure to be back in Salzburg and meet the owner of my (since a long time) favorite gallery! I hope to extend the travel/art/style aspects of the blog in the future as this is a big part of our business. Best Regards, Hugs & Kisses from EDCC!

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