EDCC Design Lesson: What is pattern? {Part One}

There is a quote in the film ‘Office Space’ that always makes me laugh when the character that plays a Human Resources Manager asks one of the company employees,

‘What exactly, would ya say you do here?’

This often makes me smile in that, many people ask us (among many other questions, What is trend? will be the next installment), ‘You design what exactly? Patterns? Like, on curtains?’

Shown above, a few examples of our artwork for EDCC & other companies in which our EDCC members have worked for. Additionally, you are not allowed to use these prints for your own work – this is intellectual property owned by EDCC and the companies we have worked for in the past!

The answer to this is, yes. Like on curtains. Also, like on clothing (the patterns can be woven directly into the fabric or printed on top of the fibers) and any other textile-based product. Pattern can be applied on wall papers, injected into plastic molds or directly printed onto any surface with the will to be covered.

Between Erika and I, our patterns have graced everything from tables to clothing (for children, women and men) to motorcycles to wall coverings to home furnishing/accessories to handbags (inside lining and outside materials) to business identity packages and wrapping papers… the list goes on and on, and the possibilities are endless.

It is the creativity involved and flexibility of pattern usage that makes us so passionate about what we do – building artwork and placing it into a fully repeatable pattern for the ease of our customers.

Thank you for reading and following EDCC!

4 Responses to “EDCC Design Lesson: What is pattern? {Part One}”
  1. hrussegger says:

    well explained!

  2. Omar Chaudhry says:

    Have you or Erika been influenced by the patterns of Dutch artist, MC Escher,1893-1972?

    • cc says:

      Influenced by Escher? There is a chance! I had a class assignment when I was young where we studied the drawings of Escher and then came up with our own puzzle piece sort of drawing 🙂 Thank you for bringing this up – and being such a lovely follower of the EDCC site!

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